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After a lot of waiting on bugfix releases, Krita 2.9 is snappy and stable enough for me to make the switch! This is the first upgrade for me since 2.8.3 last August, (Almost a year later. :XD: ) so I'm pretty excited about this. I can finally posterize stuff without needing to boot up GIMP, and I don't have to manually set the Eraser end anymore, omg.

With the initial release, the canvas was so slow on Intel GPUs I couldn't believe it. Now, the only thing that's slightly slower is zooming, but it's still using less CPU to zoom than 2.8.3 did, so I can't complain there! Everything's fast and responsive again, if not loading far faster than before. The brushes are also faster, and rotating the canvas is smooth as silk, whereas 2.8.3 got a little slow at odd angles.

I'll have to keep using it for a couple of days to be sure it's free of obvious memory leaks, (While it shouldn't be leaky by policy, I like making absolutely sure.) and besides that, it looks like I've got a lot more features to love and play with! I'm so happy with all the neat little things they added.

(This looks sooo much nicer than before, and don't mind my WIP Nayru over there.)

Krita 3.0 aims to make its canvas painting with large brushes equally fast as, or faster than, Photoshop's, as well as improve memory usage, so it's only getting better from here. (Their kickstarter is at its last eight hours if anybody wants to help with stretch goals.)

If you had doubts at the earlier 2.9 releases, give it a try now. It's a lot faster for me than 2.8 right now, and 2.8 was the most responsive art program I've ever used on an Intel GPU.

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❄Mister Glaceon❄
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello! I'm Mister Glaceon. I've drawn cartoon characters on and off for as long as I can remember. Picking it back up four years ago on paper, I realized how much I enjoyed it.

After a year of learning my way around GIMP, drawing with a mouse in vectors, I knew I was serious about illustrating. That's when I got a Wacom tablet, and Krita, an open-source painting app, to take things to the next level.

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Preferences and Interests

Favorite TV Shows : Angry Beavers, Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, Mythbusters, Rocko's Modern Life, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Martin Mystery, etc.
Favorite dA Artists : Crysa, MPsai, AlcoholicRattleSnake, foogie, MikeHarvey, RabiesGirl, ValaSedai just to name a few.
Favorite Authors/Writers : J.R.R Tolkein, J.K Rowling, C.S Lewis, H.G Wells, Drew Karpyshyn, etc.
Favorite Books : Lord of the Rings Unabridged Trilogy, The Hobbit, Apollo 13, Chronicles of Narnia, War of the Worlds, The Time Machine, Star Trek Titan : Over A Torrent Sea.
Other Hobbies/Interests : Electronics, Animation, Game Design, Stopmotion, Music, Space-travel, Science Fiction, Writing.
Favorite Consoles : Gamecube, Dreamcast, SNES, PSX, PS3, NDS, GBA.



Favorite Art Software and Tools

Stamp - Krita User (Template by firstfear) by Mr-Glaceon Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear Stamp - Mouse User by firstfear Stamp - PhotoshopElements User by firstfear Stamp - Gimp User by firstfear
Requests and Art Trades

"Do you take requests?"

Very rarely, because of how much time my finished works take, and most OCs on deviantART are terrifyingly generic. If your character makes me squee until my heart is orbiting Saturn, I'll consider a base-colored sketch of them.

"What about art trades?"

Currently a little too backed up to dedicate myself to a finished, colored piece in exchange. Always feel free to ask me if I'm available for an art trade, I love doing those.


While my anatomy has improved in recent years, it's not yet at the point I feel right charging money for my art. It would not be cheap (Well above the $35 range.) when I can offer anyway, because my bigger pieces with painted details typically take three weeks to finish.


When I have characters I can't use for anything, I usually post them for dA points. Points are fun for gifting premium and llama accessories to friends, so that's why I do it. You get the character, bio, and any artworks made of them at full res. It's always cheap too, so keep an eye open if you like adoptables!

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You're welcome! I've been struggling with anatomy for a while. You shared lots of helpful resources.
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